After many weeks of being too busy to contribute to crossfire, I have finally
gotten around to some requests.

First, the metaserver is online. If you'd like to subscribe(?) to the metaserver
edit your share/crossfire/settings file and set the following:

metaserver_notification on
metaserver_port 13326

Second, the list will be available here:

Rick (
     leaf at
     ) will add this link to the main page
     ) real soon.

Third, the upgrade to mnogosearch (formerly known as udmseaerch) is complete.
Both the web site and all 3 mailing lists are being indexed. 

You can search any of the 3 mailing lists here:

You can search the web site here:

Please let 
     tanner at
     leaf at
      know if there is a problem. 
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     tanner at
     >       | Phone : (952)943-8700
                      | Fax   : (952)943-8500
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