Crossfire 0.95.7 has been released. There are a lot of bug fixes as well as
some improvements/new features. An abreviated list of changes is at the
end of this file.

Note - the mailing lists for crossfire have changed.  This is the last 
announcement message that will be sent via 
     crossfire-announce at
address.  Future announcement messages will be sent through the real-time
address.  To get on the subscription list for that, go to:

 Or you should be able to go to:

NOTE TO MIRROR SITES:  The primary site ( has limited download
bandwidth per day.  If this poses a problem, you want a more reliable method,
or you just want a backup method. please drop me a mail message - I have set
up a secondary server off my ADSL link, but being that only has 128 kb
upstream bandwidth and is also used for other interactive purposes, I don't
want to make it available to all.

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd)  filename
35107  1401 crossfire-0.95.7.arch.tar.bz2
37577  1677 crossfire-0.95.7.arch.tar.gz
50104  2362 crossfire-0.95.7.maps.tar.bz2
22930  3377 crossfire-0.95.7.maps.tar.gz
22935  2527 crossfire-0.95.7.tar.bz2
57340  2842 crossfire-0.95.7.tar.gz
17648   231 crossfire-client-0.95.7.tar.gz

Sums (md5)
189f7b08e9f8e5da5868ff6f88bb539  crossfire-0.95.7.arch.tar.bz2
b0381431f1e243ffcd53d07418410a2b  crossfire-0.95.7.arch.tar.gz
43f084c53ef4fb1b63a8e86359902b7e  crossfire-0.95.7.maps.tar.bz2
713690f98b7ee85113f8b96c5c726f34  crossfire-0.95.7.maps.tar.gz
06fd61c704ab3dca08297ce53fdee0ad  crossfire-0.95.7.tar.bz2
798b9ed7e71a853751be5aab8bf89489  crossfire-0.95.7.tar.gz
c355eebbe85a8cd338702d162cca4e10  crossfire-client-0.95.7.tar.gz

crossfire-client-0.95.7 is the client (X11) distribution - standard
X11 and gtk interfaces are provided.

crossfire-0.95.7.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt
archetype and image files. 

crossfire-0.95.7.arch.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes.
This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the

crossfire-0.95.7-maps.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the maps.  This is needed 
with the server distribution.

No doc archive at this time - I don't believe anything in it should have
changed much.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS:  You will only need the appropriate server, map
and client file.  You do not need the arch file.  If you are a first time
user, you may want the doc file unless you are using a web based player

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client
and perhaps some version of the doc file.

If you are looking for a windows/NT client, look at:
for a file called (XXXX are numbers representing the version -
get the latest)

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites








I uploaded this version to just - it should be on the
other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel
     mwedel at


Note - I only include the more substantial/noticable changes here - in
fact, there are hundreds of bug fixes and including all of them would probably
make this list longer than most people would want to read.

client: Remove need of imlib for png support.  This renders all the images
correctly, while imlib did not.  cfsndserv should now work properly on
ultrasparc/solaris machines.  New naming system for items so that they
appear more perfect with respect to plural/not plural names (requires
at least a 0.95.7 server)

maps: destiny maps by Tom green added.  world_b3 and world_c2 changed so
they should not longer strand players.

arch: Remove 'a' from some item names, since client will take care of that
part.  Removed transperancy information from some png images (like floors),
since it should have transperancy in any case.

server: Various fixes to improve reliablity.  Better logging of connections -
we now include the ip address.  Improved name handling as described in client
above.  Permanent experience option.  Client inventory should be better
updated - torches should get updated for example.