I have uploaded the rpms for the latest version of the crossfire-client. Here is
the official SourceForge announcement:

A new version of client-linux-rpm has been released. 
You can download it from SourceForge by following this link: 


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- MSW 2000/1/13 (except as mentioned, all changes by MSW):
- Makefile.in: Create destination dirs, remove extra tab.  Patch also by Dave.
- Protocol: typo fixed.
- config.h, config.h.in: Add HVAE_DMALLOC_H #ifdefs.  Checks currently
  disable in configure.in, as with it, the sound won't like properly since
  it needs -ldmalloc, and I haven't bothered investing that much time
  into fixing the Makefile.
- gx11.c: Patches by Dave Peticolas - mostly code cleanup, but one new feature
  is support of wheel mice to move the scrollbars.
- png.c: No real code change, just adjustments in some ordering which I think
  makes the code appear a little simpler.
- x11.c: Minor code cleanups, some formatting changes, some to make better
  error messages.

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