[crossfire-announce] Crossfire 1.71.0 released

Rick Tanner leaf at real-time.com
Thu Apr 10 13:58:33 CDT 2014

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(Announcement sent on behalf of one of the Crossfire release managers)

The Crossfire Development Team is pleased to announce the 1.71.0 release.

Highlights in this release include:

- - Per-character keybindings in the GTKv2 client
- - Fixed sound support in the GTKv2 client
- - Retirement of the 'crossfire-config' build parameter dumper
- - New pixmaps for many objects, including jewelry and more
- - Faster server input parsing
- - Many, many, many bug fixes

For a complete list of new features and bug fixes, please see the online
ChangeLog on SourceForge.


Crossfire is available on SourceForge (and its various mirrors).

Binary packages are not yet available and will be released when they
are ready.

'crossfire-client-1.71.0.tar.bz2' contains the source distribution for
the client. If you want to play, this is the only piece you need.

'crossfire-client-images-1.71.0.tar.bz2' contains client images and
graphics. This prevents the client from having to request image data
from the server. It is optional but recommended if you have a slow
Internet connection.

'crossfire-client-sounds-1.71.0.tar.bz2' contains sound effects. This
has changed since the 1.70.0 release. Of course, it is optional.

'crossfire-1.71.0.tar.bz2' contains the server source distribution as
well as pre-generated archetype and image files. If you are running a
server, you need this.

'crossfire-1.71.0.arch.tar.bz2' contains the unpacked archetypes and
pixmaps. This is only required if you are planning to make changes to
game objects and is not needed to run a server or play the game.

'crossfire-1.71.0.maps.tar.bz2' contains the map distribution. If you
are running a server, you need this.


MD5 (crossfire-1.71.0.arch.tar.bz2) = 284a269840492e45761ea786a86e48ec
MD5 (crossfire-1.71.0.maps.tar.bz2) = 71b9d6da7c2d547de0695808e319cfa5
MD5 (crossfire-1.71.0.tar.bz2) = bc58e01b1266785e85c58f6710ccc13f
MD5 (crossfire-client-1.71.0.tar.bz2) = a32b9a3cb42f65820c5a9193dcfa56d5
MD5 (crossfire-client-images-1.71.0.tar.bz2) =
MD5 (crossfire-client-sounds-1.71.0.tar.bz2) =

Kevin Zheng
April 5, 2014
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