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Edit Summary: Adding emphasis and clarity to what does not work with the guild maps

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  ===== Features =====
  Here's a summary of what features are available, but listed as what works and what does not work.
+ ==== What is Broken ====
+ These are showstopper|critical bugs
+   - (MAJOR) Python script or function for initial purchase of guild and marking the guildmaster and guild coleaders
+   - (MAJOR) Python script or function to track, update and maintain member management; this includes the guard at the entrance to keep non-members out of the guild
+   - (MEDIUM) Guild Oracle - a nice feature, but useless unless first two bugs are fixed
+   - (MEDIUM) Guild Dues - a nice feature, but useless unless first two bugs are fixed
  ==== What Works ====
    * secondfloor, drop 20 amulets of Lifesaving for a portal to the Mazes of Menace

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