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@@ -222,20 +222,20 @@
    * [[sorcery#wonder|wonder]]
    * [[praying#word_of_recall|word of recall]]
    * [[praying#wrathful_eye|wrathful eye]]
    * [[sorcery#xray|xray]]
  ===== Notes & Comments =====
    * Any suggestions?  Other sortings that could be useful?  Now that I have them in a database, it's trivial to sort them by level, path, or any other criteria.
      * Not so much for adding this info for this specific page, but what about including the attack_type(s) for each spell summary?
        * Glad to, if I can figure them out.  All spell archetypes appear to have a 'type,' which is always 101, and a 'subtype,' which varies.  I'm not sure what those two mean yet.  Only some of them have an 'attacktype.'  I understand the attacktype bitmask, but what about all the spells without that value?  Do they have an attacktype at all?
          * I don't understand it very well myself, but does this help?  http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/dev:spells
          * The page Leaf linked is a good thing to see. Another thing to note, is that sometimes, the attacktypes of spells are not defined in the spell, but are defined in the effect object, thus you need to add the attacktypes from the spell and effect object to get the actual attacktypes in some cases.
+           * Thanks, I understand what the fields do now.  Looks like I'm going to have to turn the mishmash of perl and shell commands I used to create those lists into a real script, so it can follow the other_arch links where they exist, and be modified for future changes.
    * The spells without links are the ones with "skill = ????" in their archetypes, so they aren't on any of the lists.  I'm not sure what to do with those, or if they even exist in the game.
      * In most cases, they do not exist from a player standpoint, they are available for monster use (only?) or other unique circumstances (can't think of an example ATM)
  ===== Credits =====
    * All information retrieved from the archetype files in the [[http://crossfire.real-time.com/svn/index.html|SVN repository]], or from the [[http://crossfire.real-time.com/spoiler/spells/index.html|Spells]] section of the main Crossfire site.

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