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@@ -57,10 +57,10 @@
  int mylongvarname;
  int my_long_var_name;
  </code>Please do NOT use caps expect for typedefs, enums and defines.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Section 3 - sending in patches:
+ ====== Section 3 - sending in patches: ======
    - Please send patches on a bug fix or feature enhancement basis individually, and not make mega patches.  A diff that changes 10 things is first more difficult for me to look over and understand as unrelated changes might be going on.  It is also harder for me to reject part of a patch (feature X is nice, but Y doesn't work).
    - Please state in the message included with the patch what it fixes/changes. Too often, I get patches which is just a bunch of source code, and I have no idea if I want to incorporate it, or even if the bug is still there. Please also state what version of crossfire the diff is for.
    - I will assume any patches mailed directly to me are to be included. If posting a patch on the mailing list (either source or ftp location), please explicity state whether or not you want that patch incorporated into the master source.  Many times, a patch may be made available on an expiremental basis which is not ready for widespread distribution.  

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