[CF-Devel] death attack, AT_DEATH

David Hurst dnh at hawthorn.csse.monash.edu.au
Fri Feb 1 20:12:32 CST 2002

      > 1) Death attack only work if the weapon has a slaying field set.
      > 2) Death attack always works, but if the weapon has slaying, it is more
      > effective (maybe make death attack less effective on all weapons if slaying
      > is
      > not set).
      In which case I'd vote #2.  And an additional yes for the parentheses.
Certainly death attack is the most powerful out there for everyday use 
at high levels. At low levels it isn't quite so useful, but is still 
very helpful when it comes to running through a room full of low level 
very high health monsters.

Currently, as letalis and I were discussing, CF in general becomes very 
unbalanced (and easy) at high levels. I think this problem probably 
extends quite abit past intuitive to players, I think CF is in general 
rather counter intuitive to new players, and very easy for experienced 
players. Perhaps we should try and make CF head in the opposite 
direction abit?

anyway, for the purpose of this discussion I would go with option 2) as 
it seems most logical to me.



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