[CF-Devel] new quetzal (dragon) race

Andreas Vogl andi.vogl at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 23:27:00 CST 2002

I would like to realize an idea now that I had in mind for a
long time: Modifying the quetzal to be a special "dragon race",
which works different from all other races.
The major clou is that these dragon-players won't wear any
equipment, but "evolve" instead by eating flesh-items from
slain monsters. This adds a completely new way to play the game
without changing or complexifying existing stuff.

I'm already halfway done with the coding and would like
to ask if my idea is generally accepted.

Here's what I want to do:

The new quetzal cannot wear armour, nor weapons,
nor will it start with fire immunity.
But it makes up for it by "evolving":
Being dragons, they have a dragon skin which can evolve
to provide resistances. The quetzals must eat flesh-items
to gain resistance. The higher the resistance goes,
the higher must be both the player's level and the level
of the flesh-items to improve it further. The upper limit
is 95% resistance, which is of course hard to achieve.

At any time, the quetzal is specialized in one certain
attacktype (fire, cold, etc). Gaining levels, the player advances
in this speciality. He can achieve higher stages of evolution
where he gains new abilities or spells.
However, new ability levels can only be achieved by surpassing
the maximum level. If the player falls back due to dying,
he must catch up before gaining additional stuff.
In this way, the quetzal must plan it's character development,
as there are "only" 110 levels to go.
The attacktype-focus can be changed by eating special
flesh items ("ancient elemental residues"). These will be
available in shops.

Special attacktypes (paralyze, confuse, drain, etc) are not
included in the dragon-skin feature, as they are close to useless
at less than 100% resistance.
I plan to eventually hand out such special immunities for Q's in
form of flesh-artifacts.

Old quetzal players will not be affected by the changes.



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