[CF-Devel] new quetzal (dragon) race

Tim Rightnour root at garbled.net
Tue Feb 26 12:56:16 CST 2002

On 26-Feb-02 Andreas Vogl wrote:
      The new quetzal cannot wear armour, nor weapons,
      nor will it start with fire immunity.
      But it makes up for it by "evolving":
      Being dragons, they have a dragon skin which can evolve
      to provide resistances. The quetzals must eat flesh-items
      to gain resistance. The higher the resistance goes,
      the higher must be both the player's level and the level
      of the flesh-items to improve it further. The upper limit
      is 95% resistance, which is of course hard to achieve.
So.. if I get this right, you are taking away the ability to wear rings,
amulets, and weapons, and giving the ability to very slowly gain resistances?

As a player.. that doesn't seem very fun to me.  I can run around at level 20,
and buy a bunch of rings, and get some decent protection.  I can grab a sword
and get a little more.  Chances are, with a slow moving resistance chart, you
will be much less resistant by eating things than you would be just collecting
objects and money.

Why not make a better prize at the end?  Like this:

You "are" what you eat.  If you eat lots of humanoids, you might become a
draconian, gaining the ability to wield and wear some armor, but your max
natural resistance maxes out at around 40.

If you eat a cold resistance thing, you gain cold, but lose fire.

If you get really high in something like fire, as you progress, you gain innate
abilities, like dragon breath, or other dragon-like abilities.  You essentially
become more dragon-like.

My idea is, that the Q starts out as a lowly snake, and has the ability to
shape his destiny, coming up with all sorts of variations of what he could
become in the end.  This gives the player a reason to play the race.  Gaining
resistances is neat, but it sounds a little boring.

If this is what you intended.. then I didn't get that from your original
message.  Either way.. making it not suck for the player is going to be

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