[crossfire] Summon pet monster

Benjamin Lerman quisar at quisar.ambre.net
Thu Sep 29 08:21:54 CDT 2005

 Hi all,

 I write two patches that I put on the sf page.

 The first one allow you to summon pet that are of lower level that the
current pet you can summon. It is mainly a one line patch that use the
same argument that create food or create weapon use.

 The second one allow to use argument with the cast command so that you
can use:

cast create food waybread
cast summon pet monster spider

 What do you think about those patches?

 Now, I plan to create Enchant Ring and Enchant Amulet scrolls that
would work like Enchant Weapon, but because it demands a little more work
than for the 2 previous patch, I'd like to know if those scrolls would
be Ok. I'd like to also implement think like Improve resistance to `foo'
for Weapons, but once again, would that be Ok?

 And at least, I have a question, does there exists a way to force the
client to wear a particular holy symbol whenever possible. Right now,
whenever I change skill, even if I do not need any object to get my new
skill, my holy symbol is unapplied, which is quite a problem when the
holy symbol does a lot more than give the skill praying...



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