[crossfire] Summon pet monster

Benjamin Lerman quisar at quisar.ambre.net
Fri Sep 30 04:57:17 CDT 2005

       And at least, I have a question, does there exists a way to force the
      client to wear a particular holy symbol whenever possible. Right now,
      whenever I change skill, even if I do not need any object to get my new
      skill, my holy symbol is unapplied, which is quite a problem when the
      holy symbol does a lot more than give the skill praying...
 I'm trying to work on this issue... I think the ``problem'' is line 247
of skill_util.c, but before going further, I find this line quite weird:

 Did I miss something, or is those line something like:

 if(x || y) if(y) foo()

 Because if it is the case, then it should be changed to:

 if(y) foo()

 and the next line should be put before this one...

	Benjamin Lerman


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