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Le Vendredi 20 Janvier 2006 19:46, tchize a écrit :
> Done a long time ago, never used due to misunderstandings :), new crossfire
> banner proposal
> Design by Yann Chachkoff (alias Gros alias Lauwenmark)
> Colors by David Delbecq (alias Tchize)
> licence terms of picture to be clarified in future mail. Need to find
> suitable artistic licence which is gpl compatible...
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I'd like to put the original pencil artwork under the following terms. It is 
basically the Free Art License rendered GPL-compatible by removing the 
Article 3 (which prevented to include FAL-covered works into non-FAL work).
Also note that for practical reasons, I used the Belgian Law as the legal 
reference, not the French one (practically, there are no difference in this 
specific case, except that it makes me easier to solve possible legal 

Tchize: Given that, according to the reference law, the license doesn't apply 
retroactively, you'll have to explicitly agree to put your coloring job under 
it (as a "subsequent work" of the original).

Note that none of the drawings (be pencil or the digital version) requires an 
explicit (C) on it - the Belgian law ensures proper copyright property even 
in the absence of it. Thus, no change in the pictures is required; the 
license text simply needs to be accessible alongside the picture (either by a 
text file shipped with the code in the case of the image is used in the 
client, or by an hyperlink/webpage if used on the website).

Any legal expert to confirm the compatibility of this text to the GPL, 
please ?

Lauwenmark's License Proposal:

Version: 1.0
- The work of art :
 A communal work which includes the initial artwork as well as all subsequent 
contributions (subsequent originals and copies). It is created at the 
initiative of the original artist who, by this license, defines the 
conditions according to which the contributions are made.
- The original work of art :
 This is the artwork created by the initiator of the communal work, of which 
copies will be modified by whosoever wishes.
- Subsequent works :
 These are the additions put forward by the artists who contribute to the 
formation of the work by taking advantage of the right to reproduction, 
distribution and modification that this license confers on them.
- The Original (the work's source or resource) :
 A dated example of the work, of its definition, of its partition or of its 
program which the originator provides as the reference for all future 
updatings, interpretations, copies or reproductions.
- Copy :
 Any reproduction of an original as defined by this license.
- The author or the artist of the original work of art:
 This is the person who created the work which is at the heart of the 
ramifications of this modified work of art. By this license, the author 
determines the conditions under which these modifications are made.
- Contributor:
 Any person who contributes to the creation of the work of art. He is the 
author or the artist of an original art object resulting from the 
modification of a copy of the initial artwork or the modification of a copy 
of a subsequent work of art.

The aim of this license is to define the conditions according to which you can 
use this work freely.

This work of art is subject to copyright, and the author, by this license, 
specifies the extent to which you can copy, distribute and modify it.

You have the right to copy this work of art for your personal use, for your 
friends or for any other person, by employing whatever technique you choose.

You can freely distribute the copies of these works, modified or not, whatever 
their medium, wherever you wish, for a fee or for free, if you observe all 
the following conditions:
 - attach this license, in its entirety, to the copies or indicate precisely 
where the license can be found,
 - specify to the recipient the name of the author of the originals,
 - specify to the recipient where he will be able to access the originals 
(original and subsequent). The author of the original may, if he wishes, give 
you the right to broadcast/distribute the original under the same conditions 
as the copies.

You have the right to modify the copies of the originals (original and 
subsequent), partially or otherwise, respecting the conditions set out in 
article 2.2 , in the event of distribution (or representation) of the 
modified copy. The author of the original may, if he wishes, give you the 
right to modify the original under the same conditions as the copies.

The object of this license is not to deny your author's rights on your 
contribution. By choosing to contribute to the evolution of this work of art, 
you only agree to give to others the same rights with regard to your 
contribution as those which were granted to you by this license.

This license takes effect as of your acceptance of its provisions. The fact of 
copying, distributing, or of modifying the work constitutes a tacit 
agreement. This license will remain in force for as long as the copyright 
which is attached to the work of art. If you do not respect the terms of this 
license, you automatically lose the rights that it confers. If the legal 
status to which you are subject makes it impossible for you to respect the 
terms of this license, you may not make use of the rights which it confers.

This license may undergo periodic modifications to incorporate improvements by 
its authors (instigators of the "copyleft attitude" movement) by way of new, 
numbered versions.
You will have the choice of accepting the provisions contained in the version 
under which the copy was communicated to you, or alternatively, to use the 
provisions of one of the subsequent versions.

Sub-licenses are not authorized by the present license. Any person who wishes 
to make use of the rights that it confers will be directly bound to the 
author of the original work.

This license is subject to Belgian law.
Yann Chachkoff
Garden Dwarf's Best Friend
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