[crossfire] Backup(?) CVS via darcs

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Thu May 4 07:45:45 CDT 2006

Brendan Lally wrote:

>On 5/4/06, Alex Schultz <alex_sch at telus.net> wrote:
>>Here is my opinion
>>of Darcs as well as some other alternatives to CVS:
>Is there any reason why GNU Arch hasn't been considered in your
>comparison? Is there something wrong with it that discounts it
>straight away? (NB: I have never used it, but savannah does).
I don't have GNU Arch in my comparison because I don't know enough about 
it to compare at all. No reason that I know of why it wouldn't work 
(though there could be one)

Alex Schultz

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