[crossfire] Modelling monsters, longer animations?

Tchize tchize at myrealbox.com
Wed May 17 03:29:09 CDT 2006

Mark Wedel wrote:
>   That said, CVS does have timing issues - if the check out order isn't write, 
> the makefiles can thing the images are out of date.
That's what i had in my mind
> note that this isn't an issue related to binary vs text files - cvs commit doesn't look at 
> contents, it just looks at the date stamp)
This is because, for text files, a diff is done for the storage on 
server and if the diff show no difference (empty diff) , the server 
drops the commit of this file (there is even a specific server or client 
message for this). This is to prevent commit of files which have changed 
and then restored to original by editor (like add a function, then 
decide it's finally better to put this function in another .c file). 
This is even more powerfull when used in conjunction with the ignore 
indentation changes flag :)

Personally, i prefer a script you run manually.

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