[crossfire] Automatic map checking

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Mon May 22 19:46:50 CDT 2006

Raphaël Quinet wrote:

>- Non-existing maps: these are maps that have an exit pointing to them,
>  but there is no corresponding file.  Two notable sources of such
>  errors are the player shops in Brest (missing floor2) and many broken
>  "mlab" maps.
Note, many of the non-existing maps are like such by design. For example 
the floor2 thing in Brest is because that is simply unimplemented, and 
those exits are there as a placeholder which gives players a sensible 
message. Such placeholders are very common and aren't considered errors 
generally. The mlab thing is because much of mlab is not in CVS, for 
various reasons including that the creator of mlab uses a flat directory 
structure which people do not have the time to change.
/lake_country/pup_land/nurnberg/city is likely a typo

>- Unreachable maps: these are maps that exist but cannot be reached by
>  following an exit (starting from (/HallOfSelection).  Some of these
>  unreachable maps are still connected to each other, but the group of
>  maps is not reachable.  The /HallOfDMs map is unreachable by design.
>  Some other unreachable maps are just test maps that should probably
>  be moved elsewhere (in /unlinked, for example).  The other ones are
>  probably errors that should be fixed.
/dungeons/train/train-old for one should either be deleted or moved to 
unlinked, it is as I understand a sort of backup of the old training 
center lobby

That's my 2 cents on some of these cases.

Alex Schultz

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