[crossfire] Balm of return home

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Fri May 26 00:56:33 CDT 2006

Nicolas Weeger (Laposte) wrote:
> Hello.
> Currently, balms of protection and such work correctly even on unholy grounds.
> On the other hand, balm of return home (word of recall) doesn't work. This 
> because when it actually executes it checks again whether ground is holy or 
> not, thus it can fail.
> I think we could make its behaviour coherent with other balms, and enable balm 
> of return home to work even on holy ground. It would even make sense again to 
> actually use alchemy to create some :)
> My proposed fix is to set the DM_FLAG to the word of recall's spell effect (in 
> cast_word_of_recall), and check that in the execute_word_of_recall function. 
> To do that, I'd say to just set that flag on the balm itself (since the balm 
> merely contains the spell).
> Opinions, comments and criticism welcome :)

  The reason word of recall (the force that recalls you) doesn't work on unholy 
ground is so that you can't cast word of recall, go into a shop, and get a bunch 
of unpaid stuff.

  I suppose the better fix is not to prevent the word of recall, but just strip 
any unpaid objects from the player and drop them back on the map.

  That said, I think no magic/no cleric spells are used too often in maps as 
'hey, lets make it hard so you can't cast spells', which I don't think is an 
especially good map design.

> Nicolas
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