[crossfire] Partial transparency

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Tue May 30 17:33:41 CDT 2006

Nicolas Weeger (Laposte) wrote:

>>  But poking in the gtk source code, it does appear it is relatively clever
>>in its drawing logic, using shared memory and xrender extension, so
>>performance may actually not be that bad.  It'd perhaps be interesting to
>>convert the gtk draw code to use the gdkpixbufs instead of the gdkpixmaps
>>and see how much a performance difference there is just for standard
>>images, and then start throwing in some transparent images.
>Let's just hope those tricks, if we use them, work under Windows & Mac & other 
>platforms too :)
I don't think those particular tricks wouldn't work on windows, and for 
Mac + X11 the shared memory might work but not xrender. However if gtk 
is built with cairo support and cairo is build with glitz support (used 
for an opengl backend), it might be possible that that gtk renders could 
be accelerated on all platforms supporting opengl

Alex Schultz

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