[crossfire] Max State Cap (was: Re: classes & guilds)

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Wed Jul 4 09:01:12 CDT 2007

Juergen Kahnert wrote:
>    Problem here is the maximum (magic improved) hard limit of stats to 30.
>    Why should an elf or gnome be able to get the same con value as a dragon?
>    Just remove this hard limit.  The limit will be reached with body slots
>    and item power.
>    For example, the maximum natural con value for an elf would still be 18
>    and for a dragon 26.  But with weared items giving a sum of +12 con the
>    elf would reach 30 but the dragon a con value of 38.
One quick note about this, is that removing that hard limit isn't so
simple as "just" removing it. There is an issue that a notable number of
areas in the code do assume a max of 30 or give unreasonable bonuses if
stats are over 30. I would agree the stat cap of 30 should be removed,
but just noting, it would also require reworking most of the formulas
that give bonuses based on stats.

Alex Schultz

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