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Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
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Also spracht Juergen Kahnert (Thu, 05 Jul 2007 08:18:30 +0200):
> I can't see the
> special thing why changing the cult needs help from others...

In real life, I guess you can just decide you are Budhist or Shamanist, 
but you can't become Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, traditional Wiccan, or 
join most of the Christian branches, without special dispensation from a 
priest.  Try "becoming" Jewish :-)

>> Only by joining an "advanced" society as I described later, one that
>> only admits you if you are a warrior and then teaches you some magic --
>> making you the equivalent of today's "warlock".
> And you end up with characters looking all the same, because they will
> make a tour through all the guilds to achieve all the skills...

That's a risk, yes.  But I hope we can weave things to avoid it.  The way 
I see it a warlock will always be a worse mage than a mage and a worse 
fighter than a fighter, and it's not hard to enforce that with skill 
limits.  I'd say, for example:  The society that teaches magic to 
fighters only teaches two magic types at amateur level.  Even if there 
are more than one society -- and I envision only one -- it's impossible 
to join more than once.  So if you're serious about it, you can raise one 
of those to pro by means of a specialized society, like the Tower of 
Demonology as used in my original post.  But I'd put restrictions to keep 
you from raising both to pro, or raising even one of them to master.  
(Maybe to be master in a magic skill you need to have all four of them at 
at least amateur?  This would of course be enforced by the maps, not the 

And of course similar mechanisms to keep mages and priests and thieves 
from reaching pro in all of one-handed/two-handed/archery.

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