[crossfire] Project: New Intro

Anton Oussik antonoussik at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 02:54:01 CDT 2007

On 02/07/07, Mark Wedel <mwedel at sonic.net> wrote:
> Alex Schultz wrote:
> >I propose that we focus on what content the player sees first
> > in the game because after all, it not only is the first part to leave an
> > impression <snip>
>   First question on this:  It has been suggested that the character creation get
> completely redone, with spiffy interface, etc, instead of the the current 'in
> game' method.
>   Does this proposal address this at all, or is this more based on what the
> player does once the character is created, and leaves the creation aspect itself
> still on a TBD list?

As I understand it this is different, and spiffy character creation
interface is still wanted.

> Is this just an island for tutorial purposes (this is how you cast a spell, this
> is how you search for a trap, etc), or is this more designed as a low level area?

Making it a tutorial island would mean new players can enjoy the
temporary safety while learning to walk.

>   In both cases, does one see a 'ship to mainland' type thing which is a one way
> ticket off the island to scorn (or perhaps other towns?  Maybe replace the nexus
> with this town, and experienced players can hop right over to the ship to navar
> city if they really want to).

Ship(s) to mainland will work well :-)

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