[crossfire] Documentation / handbook / playbook / spoilers

Kevin R. Bulgrien kbulgrien at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jul 10 23:20:24 CDT 2007

> > My opinion is doxygen including html, since doxygen will handle other 
> > conversions for us (chm, pdf, ...)
>   See note above.  We really should stick with only 1 other formatting language 
> beyond plain text to keep things simple and easy to update.  I vote HTML since 
> it is incredibly standardized, plus there are a large number of WYSIWIG html 
> editors.  Are there any WYSIWIG doxygen tools out there?

For whatever it is worth, HTML is ubiquitous, and so would get my vote.

As Mark, I can almost do HTML in my sleep and have no clue about doxygen.  Also,
FWIW, the htmldoc tool is an excellent tool for generating pdfs from html even so
far as to create a collapsible tree section index.

Furthermore, chm is simply a "compiled" package of html files... so HTML is
absolutely a natural for sources to create a .chm.  Next time you're in Windows
help, poke around... there's an option to view the document URL of the topic
you are looking at.  Stick that URL in a browser, and you can read the .chm.
(Caveat, recent security updates may have turned off opening chm in a browser
by default, but I just did it yesterday at work.)  In fact, simply by constructing
the URL right, you can even open the .chm to a specific topic... the topic page
URL file showing up as, you guessed it, an .htm file.

Kevin Bulgrien

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