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Juha Jäykkä juolja at utu.fi
Tue Jul 17 13:39:18 CDT 2007

> There has been some discussion on speed/combat balance (basically:
> reduce speed, so combats take some more time, and enable players to
> actually flee before getting killed easily), though it isn't on the
> page. Could this be added to the list, or is it something not everyone
> agrees on?

I tend to disagree. Someone pointed out that reducing speed tends to turn
the game from a "real-time" one to a turn based one, which I dislike.
Another way of achieving the same result is to reduce the *damage* dealt
by <whatever>. That way, monsters and players could still move
"real-time"ish, but you could still escape.

By the way, I have rarely encountered a situation I was not able to flee
from. Almost all places can even be solved by simply jumping back and
forth from the map (using normal exits, no spells) to gradually wear down
the opponent(s).

Some exceptions come to mind, but only when entering the map for the
first time ever (i.e. when I do not know how to escape). The sole
exception to this is Wist's Tower (or is it Twis?) in Lake Country,
where, after walking all the way to the top and killing the two Balrogs,
you can choose to meet a few big_wizards... That's a place I am not able
to escape (by a not-high-enough character) from even if I know the map -
you need a key from one of the wizards to exit the map (being entered
through a trap door you cannot use that way to escape). Word of recall
works there, but the delay is too much for almost any character - the
wizards kill you before you are recalled.


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