[crossfire] GTK2 Client Column title patch.

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Sun Jul 22 01:15:07 CDT 2007

Kevin R. Bulgrien wrote:
> A previous attempt to send this message didn't seem to work for some
> reason.
>> Headings
>> Some title headings will not render properly at any setting.  I am sure this
>> is not related to the screen resolution as mine is a dual-head 1280x1024
>> and no matter how wide the client is, the Weight\column title is always cut
>> off.  There is no reason for that as the description column is so big, as I
>> test, that it is more than 50% white space.
> I would like to make this change in both trunk and branch/1.x.  Anyone have
> a problem with it?  It works at 1280x1024 which is what the README says is
> the target of the design. The commentary can be removed as desired.
> A screenshot is at http://krayvin.home.att.net/gtk2client.png - Nnte how the
> gravestone weights are about the same width as the title after the

  Looks fine.

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