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Juha Jäykkä juolja at utu.fi
Tue Jul 24 13:42:00 CDT 2007

>   IMO, adding new regions when characters reach the cap is completely 
> unrealistic, so I dismiss it as an option.  Sure, it sounds great, and
> could happen, but past experience shows it won't happen.  Making a

Ok, you're more experienced on that, I trust your judgement. How about
the kingdom and politics side? Could that be implemented? Or researching
new spells or items?

>   the other problem with this, and the other idea of limiting exp gain
> based on overall level, is that it really means you need balance your
> skill usage as you advance your character.

It does not have to be overall level, it could equally well be the
highest skill level as well. Or, when killing monsters, it could even be
the skill you use to kill it (although then we again will have high level
characters in low level maps when they start a new skill).

>   I personally dislike games that force some style of playing.  I'd
> dislike crossfire if I say 'I must improve my evocation skill right
> now, because if I don't, I won't ever be able to get very good at it'.

That's true, it's not very nice. But "if I do not improve my evocation
now, improving it later will be more difficult" is ok with me. It's like
growing older: it's easier to learn new things when you're young and
becomes harder with age. (At least that's the common belief, I do not
know if it's true.)

> Whenever a character gains exp through any method, some portion (<10%)
> goes into a reserved pool - these exp don't go into any specific skill,
> but do count for overall level.

That might be a good solution. Anyone any objections or other thoughts on

>   And maybe the game should be that way - really focus on just a couple
> skills per character.  But that really has to be clearly documented - I

I think it should. It should not enforce it, but it should make it much
more difficult to be exceptionally good at very many skills. This fosters
both class distictivity and multiplayer adventuring.

> basically messed up and I should start a new one.  I much prefer games
> that are forgiving - maybe you didn't make ideal choices, but what you
> did before doesn't have a huge impact now.



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