[crossfire] GTK2-v2 Client new layout defined

Kevin R. Bulgrien kbulgrien at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jul 27 00:01:16 CDT 2007

> > No code changes were required, only a new Glade layout.  I'm
> > prepared to check it in to SVN, but some plan for how to do 
> > that should be had.  I think each layout should have its
> > generated files pregenerated and checked in so that people
> > do not have to build the Glade configuration in the Designer.
> > 
> > I couple of people have ideas on how to tweak the layout to
> > taste.  I can likely accomodate if there is consensus on how
> > to put parallel layouts in SVN.  Also there would be the issue
> > of naming the client / layout combos.

Feedback from Meflin (IRC) yielded yet another layout possibility.


This too is a fully running layout.  A tweak or two is needed.  I
didn't set the message pane to be default, so right now it comes
up on the inventory pane... not helpful for logging in.  Shouldn't
be hard to fix, but I need to call it a day.

The projects I have now are workable.  At start, a few errors are
thrown that appear to be related to saved window positions... so
some work will need to be done there, but otherwise they seem

I now have an idea of how to put it in svn.  It's not quite what I'd
like, but some thing like this works.  Glade Designer seems to
have strong ideas about where the source directory must be
relative to the project file.

|-- Documentation
|   `-- examples
|       `-- script
|-- common
|-- gtk
|   `-- win32
|-- gtk-v2
|   |-- meflin
|   |-- mwedel
|   |-- po
|   |-- rayvin
|   |-- src
|   `-- themes
|-- help
|-- macros
|-- pixmaps
|-- sound-src
|-- utils
`-- x11

The glade project files are named something like rayvin.glade, 
meflin.glade, etc.  The project files are modified to build to the
gtk-v2/rayvin, gtk-v2/meflin directories instead of gtk-v2/src.

To build a layout, you copy the files from one of these directories
over top of src.  The only file you do not copy is main.c

Glade Designer didn't like when I set the source directory to
something like src/rayvin.  It wanted them right below the
directory where the .glade file was.  

I chose names by in-game characters...does not necessarily have
to stay that way if better names can be found.


Kevin R. Bulgrien

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