[crossfire] Documentation revamp, was spoiler generation

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Fri Jul 27 12:59:46 CDT 2007

>   Can you give some better examples of that?
>   I will admit that the current layout of documentation (or maybe more
> specifically, the doc dir) isn't great.  To find out if something is
> documented, one basically has to resort to grep, as what file something is
> documented in isn't really the most consistent.

Yes, now I can :)
Check out trunk, run doxygen, point your favorite browser to <server 
You should have a nice main page (ok, the id doesn't look nice, will need to 
be fixed...). Check the various subpages (objects is probably the most 

IMO this is a nice documentation bundle that could be made.

http://nicolas.weeger.free.fr [Petit site d'images, de textes, de code, bref 
de l'aléatoire !]
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