[crossfire] Changing connection texts

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Sat Dec 12 06:29:57 CST 2009

>   Its a different topic than this, but having such a pluggable interface
> would be nice.  The biggest pain would be having to emulate it if a real
> database is not available (emulation would probably mean a flat file with
> fields separated by something or another)
>   I can think of all sorts of stuff to record.  And if it was stored in an
> SQL database, one could then do analysis.  What are people really buying
> from the stores?  What spells are characters using?  Where are people
> killing monsters, etc.
>   For crossfire, I was thinking something like dbm (or other native file
> based method) could be used, but I don't know how portable such methods are
> on non unix systems.  But looking at that, other than fast fetching of the
> keys, the data for that key is all stored in one field, so the server would
> still need to parse that out.  So doesn't gain as much as one would like. 
> I also suspect that for most servers, the size of this file wouldn't be
> very large, so even parsing a flat file wouldn't be that costly.

SQLITE is already used by my logger and newspaper (alpha) plugins.

Seems ok for me.

As for statistics, I don't really care actually for now, better to develop 
content and such :)

And maybe Zebulon (Ragnor's bot) could actually give statistics, if needed.

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