[crossfire] Crossfire server code cleanup/janitorial

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Wed Apr 23 13:37:28 CDT 2014


>   The plugin logic has pluses and minuses - the ability to right plugins
> that register themselves is good, but the entire dynamic loading adds a
> bit of code complexity and another place for errors.  But also, at one
> time, the python plugin was optional, so you could run the server without
> necessarily having python & its development libraries installed.  But
> IIRC, at some point, it was decided that enough scripts and other stuff
> require python it should become standard - since it is known it will
> always exist, whether having it be a dynamically library that is loaded
> makes sense is debatable.

What about simply having compile-time modules?

When you compile, if you have Python then the module is compiled, it not then 
it isn't, end of story :)


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