[crossfire] Crossfire server code cleanup/janitorial

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Sat Apr 26 00:05:37 CDT 2014

On 04/25/14 03:53 PM, Kevin Zheng wrote:
> On 04/24/2014 01:48, Mark Wedel wrote:
>> Beyond that, there was a separate ticket/discussion about the need to
>> have perl for the server on windows to collect the archetypes.  To me,
>> that isn't a big issue, but so some it is, and if that is an issue, I'd
>> then think requiring additional libraries would fall into that extra
>> pain.  It could also make binary distributions harder
> I was working on that ticket but kind of dropped the ball on it. I don't
> see the Perl dependency as a problem, either, but I understand that it
> _may_ be troublesome on Windows.
> I am also considering moving the archetype collection scripts to the
> arch directory, any thoughts on this?

  This is sort of a messy one.

  It sort of seems obvious that the arch collection (and related bits) should be 
in the arch tree.

  However, it is the server that is the actual consumer of those files.  So if 
they are collected in the arch tree, they somehow have to get into the right 
directory for the server to use them.

  Now there are certainly different ways to handle this - you could have the 
server call arch/scripts/collect.pl - I'm not exactly sure how that improves 

  Likewise, one could run the script in the arch directory, and if it deposit 
the files in arch/build or something, and then have the server install process 
know to look there.  That actually seems more complicated.  Plus, it is nice to 
just be able to do a 'make collect' in the lib directory and have it do the 
right thing.

  I'm not opposed to relocation of those scripts - I'd just like to see more how 
it will all works out.

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