[crossfire] Shop prices overhaul

Kevin Zheng kevinz5000 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 13:00:41 CST 2014

Hi all,

At the moment, Crossfire's shops aren't particularly useful. For
medium-level players, prices seem unreasonable, while new players can't
afford to buy from shops at all. Old players with high charisma and
bargaining, on the other hand, don't notice a huge discrepancy.

The attached patch attempts to fix some of these issues:

Charisma and bargaining now only affect the shop buy price, with
multipliers ranging from 2x for new players to 0.5x for very advanced
players. This is consistent with rogue-style shopkeeper greed but still
better than the existing situation. Bargaining is now significantly less
useful; the hope is that in the near future it is replaced with
interactive "haggling".

The sell price is clamped down to 0.5x base price, subject to additional
shop specialization and greed. This sell price is mostly better than the
existing prices, and at the very least prevents high level players from
buying and selling for a profit.

Comments, questions, clarifications, or hate mail?

Kevin Zheng

Kevin Zheng
kevinz5000 at gmail.com | kevinz at kd0lgh.mooo.com | PGP: 0xC22E1090
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