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I'm very glad to see an overall positive response to these changes and it
does motivate me to continue to improve this resource. I can now say that I
know the content on the wiki backwards as a result but If you were to ask
me how far progressed the wiki pages are as a project, i'd probably be
saying about 15% :).

Nicolas, If I understand correctly I think what you are describing is less
about the wiki itself than the joins or connections between the wiki and
our current web presence sites (crossfire.real-time.com, crossfireatlas).
There are some general design approaches to the website that I have
suggested regarding better or more seamless integration between these pages
but i'll leave that to Leaf to look at when he has the time. In the long
run I think the majority of content should be moved to the wiki pages.
Specific scripted pages like the metaserver2 and atlas present a challenge
but they don't need to be changed anytime soon. There are literally
thousands of game wiki's and hundreds of RPG wiki's out, many of which have
proven that wikis work not only for guidance information but for game
mechanics documentation. Why?

   - Wikis can actually provide very nice and consistent look and feel with
   little effort and can be updated without major work. Wiki's are not limited
   to the current look and feel we are using, take for example this wiki:
   - Often contributors may not have any skills/inclination to change code
   or build maps but may be happy to keep wiki pages up to date (such as me).
   - It is also much easier to design the structure of the website by using
   a wiki system (or any document management system) to 'chip away' at
   documentation over time.
   - Changes are much easier to monitor (and revert ;)) by a group of
   contributors rather than leaving all the work to a web-admin.

Regarding the wiki as a development documentation point, I don't really
feel confident in making many changes to these pages as I wouldn't say i'm
a contributor in that sense.That said I am in two minds about the
development section on our wiki. On the one hand it is a very easy way to
jot down ideas and thoughts and have them accessible in general. On the
other it can be a maze for anyone that isn't involved or new. Possibly
providing a little more structure could be all that is required?  I would
suggest though one thing that I do feel strongly about that might help. At
present we appear to be using this table
<http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/dev_todo_new> as a TODO list which is
clunky to make changes to at best. Can I suggest we consider a system such
as http://flyspray.org/ to help keep track of work? I understand the main
focus of flyspray is as a bug tracker, which Sourceforge does an excellent
job of, however I think Sourceforge's 'feature requests/current projects'
system feels more suited to external recommendations than an internal TODO.



On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 5:01 PM, Tolga Dalman <tolga.dalman at googlemail.com>

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> Thanks for the great work!
> On 09/13/2014 01:43 AM, Rick Tanner wrote:
> > On 9/12/14 5:10 PM, Nicolas Weeger wrote:
> >
> >> Players information is on the official website (though it may require
> >> some update, but that's another topic), and it should probably be there
> >> because that's the page you'll see first when you discover the game.
> >> Having whole player manuals there is great.
> >
> > My hope was the wiki would be the draft or living copy of such content
> > while the website would hold or present the "nice and pretty" version.
> As it is, the wiki is indeed a good developer's reference and should be
> extended. However, I think it would be also nice to have the official
> manual
> in the same wiki.
> Wouldn't it become too cumbersome to maintain two documentation sources in
> the
> long run ?
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