[crossfire] IRC Bridges

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Mon Mar 4 07:39:10 CST 2019

Good Monday,

I could not find my mailing list subscription information and so missed the earlier discussion about Discord. Had to set up a new account. Regardless, as long as there is a bridge in the #crossfire IRC channel, I'm out.

My arguments:

    Bridges totally screw up nick completion for trying to address a specific person on the other side of a channel bridge.
    A bridge makes it less clear who is saying what since the bridge nickname is what one sees by default as the "user" typing.
    There are plenty of IRC clients for people who have smart phones glued to their eyes. I recommend YAAIC.

If one is on an Apple device here are some others: http://www.irchelp.org/clients/mobile/ios/

Poof (aka unixman)
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