[crossfire] IRC Bridges

Rick Tanner leaf at real-time.com
Tue Mar 5 05:24:22 CST 2019

On 3/4/19 7:39 AM, Poof wrote:
> I could not find my mailing list subscription information and so missed the earlier discussion about Discord. Had to set up a new account. Regardless, as long as there is a bridge in the #crossfire IRC channel, I'm out.

This was posted to the IRC channel after you logged off.

Mar 03 20:40:16 <draugthewhopper>       unixman: I feel compelled to
point out that the goal of bridging to discord is not to permit access
via a phone, nor is it an effort to get people to switch from IRC to any
other system. It is to lower the barrier to entry, and hopefully
encourage new participants in the CF community. Additionally, if your
feelings on the matter are that strong, then I wish you had contributed
in the mailinglist discussion (unless of course

Mar 03 20:40:16 <draugthewhopper>       n email from you, in which case
I apologize).

> My arguments:
>     Bridges totally screw up nick completion for trying to address a specific person on the other side of a channel bridge.

True.. tab completion is not available. But not a deal breaker, IMO.

>     A bridge makes it less clear who is saying what since the bridge nickname is what one sees by default as the "user" typing.

I disagree. Here is a short snippet from earlier today. Looks okay in
plain text. Looks even better in my IRC client of choice. And looks best
via Discord.

Mar 04 15:12:34 <CFDiscord>     DraugTheWhopper> I did testing of the
gate changes, updated NPC behavior, and dimdoor restrictions, but not a
full playthrough.

Mar 04 15:13:15 <Partmedia>     Probbaly fine, then.

Mar 04 15:22:41 <Partmedia>     Leaf, do you prefer the map changes to
be split into one commit per map change, or all changes together?

Mar 04 15:23:12 <CFDiscord>     DraugTheWhopper> ^ exactly the kind of
etiquette I'm talking about

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