Crossfire 1.0.0 has been released.
This is the first public release/release for wide spread distribution.
Extenstive testing has gone out, and the server appears quite stable.

NOTE TO MIRROR SITES:  The primary site ( has limited download
bandwidth per day.  You can also get this release off of

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd)  filename
64947  1567 crossfire-1.0.0-arch.tar.bz2
29912  1858 crossfire-1.0.0-arch.tar.gz
44121  2995 crossfire-1.0.0-maps.tar.bz2
11006  4327 crossfire-1.0.0-maps.tar.gz
21265  2703 crossfire-1.0.0.tar.bz2
24930   239 crossfire-client-1.0.0.tar.gz

Sums (md5)
18c3cff268c55a7561c785f6202ba715  crossfire-1.0.0-arch.tar.bz2
25990ae2ecdabcb4a2195dce92cc335a  crossfire-1.0.0-arch.tar.gz
00b045172663768997a7b4f7e5dcf64c  crossfire-1.0.0-maps.tar.bz2
d30eb96538627a899edd22b5cf2f2323  crossfire-1.0.0-maps.tar.gz
bece4993c7ce9e3b15347c723f2a0d93  crossfire-1.0.0.tar.bz2
0bb73a6ea4268ecd4a5720128ecdf9c5  crossfire-1.0.0.tar.gz
c79bf87ddc71bbee4ab46f64f3c908c7  crossfire-client-1.0.0.tar.gz

crossfire-client-1.0.0 is the client (X11) distribution - standard
X11 and gtk interfaces are provided.

crossfire-1.0.0.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt
archetype and image files. 

crossfire-1.0.0.arch.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes.
This is not needed if you only want to compile the server and play the

crossfire-1.0.0-maps.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the maps.  This is needed 
with the server distribution.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS:  You will only need the appropriate server, map
and client file.  You do not need the arch file.  If you are a first time
user, you may want the doc file unless you are using a web based player

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client
and perhaps some version of the doc file.

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites








I uploaded this version to just and sourceforge- it should be on
the other ftp sites in a short time

Mark Wedel
     mwedel at


Changes for 1.0.0:

player.c: Fix for client crashes if player enters really long commands
(like say .....).  MSW 2001-05-08

gx11.c,command.c: Remove some debug statements which really should not be
   there for 1.0, and which are not really useful anyways.
items_types, item_types.h: Varioius minor updates.
MSW 2001-05-04

gx11.c: Fix bug that causes gtk client not to update weapon speed.
metaserver.c: Have the listing get sorted by hostname to make it easier to
   find the host the user may want.
MSW 2001-05-02

Changes for 1.0.0:

common/living.c: Fix AC wrapping problem - now limit ac to +/- 120.
MSW 2001-05-12

include/config.h: Add NO_POLYMORPH feature selection
include/spellist.h: If NO_POLYMORPH is set, make it so that polymorph will
   not show up in wands/rods
server/spell_util.c: Handling for NO_POLYMORPH selection
MSW 2001-05-11

server/rune.c: Make sure rune message is newline terminated.  Fix map
corruption problem.  MSW 2001-05-10

Various improvements to make finding memory leaks easier.
common/anim.c: Add free_all_anim function
common/arch.c: Modify free_all_arch to free more data
common/init.c: If running under MEMORY_DEBUG, don't pre-allocate objects.
common/map.c: Add free_all_maps functiion.
common/object.c: Modify object allocations if using MEMORY_DEBUG to only
   malloc one object at a time, and not pre-allocate objects.
common/readable.c: Fix memory leak.
common/shstr.c: Include autoconf.h so it can pull in dmalloc.h file.
include/config.h: Remove notes of what was removed a long time ago.
  Add MEMORY_DEBUG option.
include/libproto.h, include/sockproto.h, include/sproto.h: automatic rebuild
server/c_misc.c: Fix 'malloc info command so it reports right memory total
   for maps.  Add command_style_map_info which sums up memory used by
   style maps.
server/commands.c: Add style_info wiz command which dumps memory usage
   for style maps.
server/init.c: Have sighup handler call cleanup function.
server/main.c: Fix clean_tmp_files which could result in crash if one
   of the maps in memory has 0 reset time.  Modify cleanup function
   to free more data.
server/player.c: op_on_battleground: Fix compile warning about unuused variable.
socket/init.c: Change name of free_all_ericserver to free_all_newserver,
   have it free all face data.
MSW 2001-05-08

socket/item.c: Modify look_at to not stop when it finds the first invisible
server/monster.c: Modify  monster_check_pickup to check to see if the
   next object got destroyed.  I'm not sure the exact way this happens,
   but I've seen one crash where this did happen - I'm guess some
   function further down in the monster_check_apply look may call
   this or destroy the item.
MSW 2001-05-01

common/object.c: Add clear_owner function.
include/libproto.h: rebuild.
server/player.c: Modify op_on_battleground to look for battleground
    anyplace on space.  Temp for for wall of thorns on space - as long
    as maps don't try to abuse the use of battlegrounds, should be OK.
server/time.c: Add clear_owner call to stop_arrow.  Fixes problem of
    thrown objects not getting saved.
MSW 2001-04-28

common/object.c: Have update_object map the look window for redraw if
   the object is not something the client normally animates (like a lever).
   MSW 2001-04-27

server/apply.c: Modify apply_id_altar check for player - had a && instead of
    a ||.
socket/item.c: Modify ApplyCmd so a removed player can not apply objects.
   Fix crashes caused by players applying savebeds after they have
   used the bed.  MSW 2001-04-26

server/spell_util.c: have put_a_monster generate random monster
TODO, doc/mapguide: Various minor updates.
MSW 2001-04-25

server/c_object.c: Pass right object to query_cost_string so that
   if you pick up an unpaid object into a container, it generates
   the correct price.  MSW 2001-04-22
server/c_wiz.c: fix shutdown and reset_map wizard commands/function
   so they no longer crash the server.  MSW 2001-04-22

server/monster.c: add check to was_destroyed when monster fires an
   arrow.  Call was certainly missing, and appears to be responsible for
   crash.  MSW 2001-04-20

server/player.c: Clear op->chosen_skill when we get to the play_again
   prompt.  Otherwise, the server may try to use this later on, and it
   no longer points to a valid object, so it results in a crash.
   MSW 2001-04-19

server/skill_util.c: Add missing call to out_of_map in skill_attack which
  could result in crashes if player is at edge of maps and decides to attack
  in direction off map.  MSW 2001-04-18

server/attack.c: Remove error message about golem without owners,
   also add better checking before clering the op->contr->golem field.
common/map.c: set status flag on maps to MAP_SAVING so remove_ob does
   not do extra work when we are deleting a map (ie, immediate reset)
   from emory.
server/skills.c: If someone is stolen from a player, send an esrv_delete_item
   to the client so the clients inventory remains correct.
MSW 2001-04-16

common/re-cmp.c: Modify re_cmp functiion so that it properly matches
  strings not at the start 'ie, dude chain will now match against
  the chain value'. 
server/monster.c: Properly alter direction monster moves if they are
  feared or confused.  It was properly altering direction when monsters
  were using range attacks, but not if they were just wanting to move.
MSW 2001-04-12

common/living.c: Don't use the last_heal object in experience objects as 
   sp regen penalty.  This should fix the problem of inconsistent sp regen
   rates - last_heal is used in experience objects if the permanent experience
   option is turned on.  MSW 2001-04-11

server/spell_util.c:  fix peace so it gives experience
common/button.c:  change the "error" to a "debug" message
   to reduce server crashing.