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- ====== Crossfire Meet Up or Get Together ======
+ ====== Crossfire Meet Up or Get Together======
  ==Thanks leaf==
- Place holder for details for the Crossfire get together in Italy.
+ Place holder for details for the Crossfire get together((g2g is got to go, that mean you **must** come :-D)) in Italy.
  As this is a good opportunity to meet other crossfire developpers or artists and reenforce the team, this is important we jump on this opportunity to discuss important matters for crossfire. It's indeed far easier to organize a small reflexion table around problems when people can sepak face to face. Please describe below the subjects of disscusion you want to be raised. Give headlines of what you plan to tackle so people can think about it before we meet and be able to easily express their opinion. Also, it might be interresting to write down some report after meeting of what has been decided or suggested. Fill in abstract informations in table and create a small explanatory paragraph below.

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