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Edit Summary: item_power is used

@@ -732,8 +732,9 @@
  type is 0 (no material) or is Adamantite, the object can not be harmed in
  any way.
  An object can have multiple material types by adding these values together.
  ===== Item Power (item_power) =====
@@ -782,13 +783,9 @@
  there should not be objects with a negative item power.  However, negative
  effects an item has may reduce the item power.  Eg, a 
  'sword +4 (str +2)(wis -3)' would really be 3 enchantments.
- Note: The enforcement of item power is currently not in use as of this
- writing (Aug 2002).  Further refinement is needed on the power rating
- for items.  However, if you are creating a new magic item, setting
- an appropriate item_power would save work later on. FIXME it's in use, no?
+ FIXME add settings explanation, ensure information is correct :)
  ===== Body Location =====
  The body locations information determines where the item is equipped onto

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