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Bob Tanner tanner at real-time.com
Mon Feb 25 01:10:18 CST 2002

I would like to have people help me put together crossfire DM HOWTO. As
metalforge has become more popular, so have the newbies. Which is a good thing!
     -) But I'm a terrible DM.
I know the basic DM commands, but I'm at a loss for the more advanced commands.

For instance, newbies seem to like cursed items. I send to let them suffer for a
little so they can learn a lesson about identifing things before equipping, but
after awhile they get fustrated. So I'd like to give them a scroll of remove
curse, but I don't know how to create one! (ok, mids told me, but there is
nothing documented on it).

I do not know how to create "complex" items, like book of cure posion. I can
create a book, but not a book of cure posion.

I read this the mailing list and there are suggestions about using a quill,
paper, and writing this stuff, but come on! I'm the DM, I should be able to
create things out of thin air! :-)

It would be nice to be able to tweak the times maps reset. When you have lots of
newbies, the newbie areas get cleared out quickly. Yes, I can reset /map/map,
but I'm not online 24x7. Is there a way to change the reset timeout on certain

Just stuff like this. Anyone willing to help me?

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