[CF-Devel] town portal (RE: CVS commit: maps/city/misc)

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Mon Feb 25 22:41:20 CST 2002

Andreas Vogl wrote:

      I want to add that I generally dislike the town portal spell.
      What darth bob describes above can always be done in some way:
      make a portal to safe place and wait/restore yourself.
      Many maps have been explicitly designed *not* to allow players
      a break from fighting a particular monster. Town portal ruins
      the tension in these maps.
 Yep  - instead of the town portal going to the mana shop, you put it to the inn
or other nearby building.  IT does mean a few more steps for the player.

 IMO, some potions should be in near infinite supply, like magic power potions,
healing potions, etc.  This doesn't fix the problem, but does reduce the need
somewhat - if you can carry those 10 magic power potions, popping back to the
mana shop isn't quite as important.

      Some day I would like to create a "spellblocker"-object that
      can block use of a particular spell (like TownPortal and WoR).
      I would then like to insert "town_portal_blockers" on several
      boss-monster maps, and a few other places.
 Yeah - similarly, many maps have no spells also for things like dimension door
(so you can't pop into the treasure room).  An abstract 'no transportation
spell' abstract could cover all of those.

 It might also be handy to have that as a global in the map header, so that you
don't need to put them on every space of a map you want to fully protect.


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