[CF-Devel] Official location of maps?

Bob Tanner tanner at real-time.com
Thu Feb 14 20:27:10 CST 2002

More issues with locations.

A clean check out from cvs and I get this in my logs:

Trying to load map /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/maps/HallOfSelection.

Can't open /usr/games/crossfire/var/crossfire/maps/HallOfSelection
Can't open overlay /usr/games/crossfire/var/crossfire/maps/HallOfSelection

Where are the maps support to be located?

./crossfire -o
Reading bmaps from /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/bmaps...done (got
Reading faces from /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/faces...done
Reading animations from /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/animations...done.
got (767)
Reading archetypes from /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/archetypes...
 arch-pass 1...
Unable to find animation mithril_ar
 Adding friendly object Evil Master, Bonehead.
 Setting up archetable...done
 loading treasure...
 arch-pass 2...
Reading attack messages from
/usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/attackmess...got 227 messages in 19
Reading clockdata from
/usr/games/crossfire/var/crossfire/clockdata...todtick=28Welcome to CrossFire,
Copyright (C) 1994 Mark Wedel.
Copyright (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen.
Can't open /usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire/shutdown
Non-standard include files:
Secure:		<false>
Datadir:		/usr/games/crossfire/share/crossfire
Localdir:		/usr/games/crossfire/var/crossfire
Perm file:	<LIB>/forbid
Shutdown file:	<LIB>/shutdown
Save player:	<true>
Save mode:	0660
Playerdir:	<LIB>/players
Itemsdir:	<LIB>/unique-items
Use checksum:	<true>
Tmpdir:		/tmp
Map max timeout:	1000
Map reset:	<true>
Max objects:	25000
Use_calloc:	<true>
Use_swap_stats:	<true>
Explore mode:	<false>
Shop listings:	<false>
Max_time:	120000
Linux warlock 2.2.18pre24 #1 Mon Feb 19 13:18:39 CST 2001 sparc64 unknown

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