[CF-Devel] CFJavaEditor and spellnumbers

Andreas Vogl andi.vogl at gmx.net
Mon Feb 18 21:26:44 CST 2002

I've extended the CFJavaEditor to handle Crossfire spellnumbers
internally. In the attribute-window mapmakers can now select spells
by name conveniently, choosing from a list.
No longer does anyone need to look up cranky spellnumbers. :-)

The spells are stored in a file, and they can be imported
from 'spellist.h' directly anytime (menu "Collect->Collect Spells").

Now just in case this "spellbook-file"-approach would be realized
for the CF server, I could write an additional parser to import spells
from the spellbook-file with little effort.

Andreas V.


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