[CF-Devel] town portal (RE: CVS commit: maps/city/misc)

Andreas Vogl andi.vogl at gmx.net
Mon Feb 25 05:06:09 CST 2002

in reply to Darth Bob:

      I am just wondering if we should make the scorn powerhouse a 
      no magic zone.
      You can create a town portal in the powerhouse, then portal 
      to some nasty strong monster, shoot off all your mana, then
      run into the townportal, heal and fill mana, and do it again.
I agree, no_magic zone in the powerhouse is a good idea.

I want to add that I generally dislike the town portal spell.
What darth bob describes above can always be done in some way:
make a portal to safe place and wait/restore yourself.
Many maps have been explicitly designed *not* to allow players
a break from fighting a particular monster. Town portal ruins
the tension in these maps.

Spells like town portal and WoR are the reason why so many
maps have no_magic/no_spell zones. This again hurts the wizard-
type players, because they can't fight efficiently without

Some day I would like to create a "spellblocker"-object that
can block use of a particular spell (like TownPortal and WoR).
I would then like to insert "town_portal_blockers" on several
boss-monster maps, and a few other places.

Does anyone see objections to doing that?
If so, please speak up now before I realize my plan. =)

Andreas V.


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