[CF-Devel] start equipment (RE: town portal)

Andreas Vogl andi.vogl at gmx.net
Thu Feb 28 17:47:27 CST 2002

garbled wrote:

      As for WOR, [...] it's a very vital spell. [...] I would
      go as far to say, we should give one as starting equipment
      to every new player.
Funny, while meddling with dragon race, I also had the feeling
it might be good to extend the starting equipment a bit.
I guess most of us will agree that newbies have a bit too
much of a hard start.

My proposion for additional start equipment (for all races):

- An "apple of life", being a potion of life in fact.
  (Description message contains hint about potions of life
  and what they do.)

- A balm of travelling (WoR, balms never fail - that's
  important for newbies).

- A decent bunch of lightweight food. Removing the
  infinit food auto-generation on HallOfSelection map
  (it gets heavily abused for earning money).

All of these will have "startequip 1" set, hence vanish
when dropped.

I believe these items would not only help newbies directly,
they also help them understand how WoR and death-restoration
And all this would be very simple to realize.



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