[CF-Devel] town portal (RE: CVS commit: maps/city/misc)

David Hurst dnh at hawthorn.csse.monash.edu.au
Wed Feb 27 08:32:01 CST 2002

      I do not understand how Town Portal could be used as a cheat to pass over a 
      whole maze, since the player needs to reach the end of it to cast the Portal.
      Now I admit that the Town Portal offers the opportunity of a "convenient 
      escape" - but that's also the case for Word of Recall and, to a lesser extend, 
      for Dimension Door and Amulets of LifeSaving. Should we consider them as 
      "cheats" also ?
The problem is, after going through a town portal, you can then go 
straight back throught it again. This mean.. you can go into the portal, 
fire a whole heap of spells, go back out it again.. cast healing spells, 
use a mana crystal in the powerhouse, and cast spells again. Basically 
like a portable set of stairs that you can create which have a healing 
and recharge centre just threw it. No other spell allows this.

Word of recall does pose a problem, that is why there are so many no 
cast spell zones, because you can save inside a treasure chamber and get 
double the treasure. This isn't an issue for town portal because you 
need to place the end, but it does allow players to go into a treasure 
chamber, town portal, WoR out, completel town portal, go do other maps, 
go back through portal and finally save. Next reset collect treasure and 

I'm sure you get the picture, the reason this whole debate started was 
because people are abusing the powerhouse with town portals. The simple 
solution to this would be to make the powerhouse no magic zone. Mark 
pointed out that a portal could be made anywhere near by and this would 
still be a problem (all those less of one), feel free to come up with a 
solution =).



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