[CF-Devel] New GFX Package 01

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Fri Jul 11 11:13:10 CDT 2003

In reply to Elezeta:

The graphics are okay, but I prefer the originals in the base
set. Of course I'm biased because I've drawn some of the
artifact shields & weapons there. :oP

What I don't like about your shields and weapons is that they
look too flat and a bit unreal, at least in context with the
base set drawings.
The mountains have the black lines thickened and rock patterns
smoothed out which also makes me slightly prefer the originals.

Your water is quite nice, but somewhat too solid blue.
It looks promising though. Maybe you could shape out the
waves more, add some contrast and a little foam...

I'm only speaking for the base set however. Due to the
drawing style I think these graphics would fit better in the
alternate aka classic set. While I wouldn't judge on
it (because I'm no expert for classic set and not drawing
for it) I also have no objections against putting the
images there.


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