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I have just started running a server (mal.sh), on a machine with 32 IP 
aliases.  The domain I wish to use for the server is mal.sh, which maps 
to one of the aliases, not the first IP of the network device.  When my 
crossfire server contacts the metaserver, it does so through the first 
IP, (, instead of the IP that mal.sh points to, 

Would it be possible to add outgoing interface binding to the metaserver 
code in the crossfire server?

The server could lookup the IP of the domain in 'metaserver_host', and 
then bind outgoing requests to that IP.  Alternatively, an extra option 
could be added, maybe 'metaserver_ip', to specify the IP that crossfire 
should use to make connections out.

The reason I mention this, is because with the current state of things, 
(check my server out.. it's on the public list), you cannot connect to 
my server by simply typing it's number, (at least from the gtk client). 
  I assume this is because the metaserver is getting confused because 
the IP it has been given is .96, but mal.sh maps to .107

I can provide the code to bind outgoing connections to a specific IP, if 

Cheers ppl,

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