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Thu Jul 17 22:03:20 CDT 2003

        IT just makes more sense for default values to be zero.
     That's what i thought too. Since, by default loader.l put a zero value for
This is the right way yes,  I misspoke. But my point being that the
*default* action should be "nothing overlaps me".  If arches without a
specified smoothlevel are assigned smoothlevel 0 then I would want
smoothlevel zero to mean no overlaping this tile (which does not seem to be
the case currently.)
Once again I am not precise enough in my communication, I  mentioned
smoothlevel 255 as a metaphor for this behaviour since it is the highest
smoothlevel which cannot be overlapped (?), not as an actual value for the

      >i use your idea but instaed of using level 255 use level 0? If it is we
      >report the problem to smoothlevel 1 which couldn't spread over
     smoothlevel 0
I yes this is the right way to do it.  The initial proposal mentioned using
0 as a 'off switch' for smoothing no? That is the behaviour I would like to
see anyway - smoothlevel 0 (or no smoothlevel) means 'do not smooth me' and
'do not overlap me'.  I think this is actually what you are planning to do -
so I'll shutup now.

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