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Fri Jul 25 00:01:50 CDT 2003

OK, so I wrote a command so that DM's can banish players which is
basically kicking them off the server and putting their IP into the

It's all good and works except for the fact that when you kick a player
it goes into the play_again function so they aren't really disconnected
- this means they bypass the ban_file as long as they don't disconnect
their client.  I think that command_kick should disconect the player
that is kicked myself, but am not sure how to best change that (or if I
should). I would rather change kick than write an new player ending
routine since I am guessing that program exit points like this should be
few and well maintained...
So I'm putting this up for criticism since it is a bit more complex than
the no_shout thing and involves writing to a file and other stuff which
is pretty new to me in CF.  If it's ok, I'll put it up.

Here is the command:

int command_banish (object *op, char *params)
	  player *pl;
	  FILE *bannedfile;
	  char  buf[MAX_BUF];
	if (!params) {
         new_draw_info(NDI_UNIQUE, 0,op,"Usage: ban <player>.");
         return 1;
	pl = get_other_player_from_name(op, params);
	if (!pl) return 1;
	sprintf (buf, "%s/%s", settings.confdir, BANFILE);
    if ((bannedfile = fopen(buf, "a")) == NULL) {
    	LOG (llevDebug, "Could not find file Banned file.\n");
		new_draw_info(NDI_UNIQUE,0,op,"Could not find file Banned file.");
	LOG (llevDebug, "! %s banned %s from IP: %s.\n", op->name,
pl->ob->name, pl->socket.host);
  	new_draw_info_format(NDI_UNIQUE | NDI_RED, 0,op,"You banish %s",
	new_draw_info_format(NDI_UNIQUE | NDI_ALL | NDI_RED, 5, op,
			     "%s banishes %s from the land!", op->name, pl->ob->name);
	command_kick(op, pl->ob->name);
	return 1;

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