[crossfire] fatigue

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Mon Sep 5 23:37:32 CDT 2005

  While mental fatigue makes realistic sense, as said, for a playable game, I'm 
not sure it adds anything.

  If I have to rest my character for 10 minutes every hour, that is just 
annoying and doesn't really add much.  I just put my character in a safe place 
and go off and do something else.

  Or it means I sit my character around for a while before I save or whatever else.

  The idea of physical fatigue is being discussed as a balancing issue (eg, 
shouldn't be able to fly or swim all day).  I think there is some need to 
balance that, and also apply same rule to other physical activities in the game.

  I don't recall there being any issue of balance with characters being able to 
stay awake all the time, and thus, I don't see mental fatigue as something that 
is really needing fixing right now.


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