[crossfire] map redo: more layers.

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Wed Sep 7 00:49:58 CDT 2005

David Delbecq wrote:
      Le Mardi 6 Septembre 2005 09:38, Mark Wedel a écrit :
      You don't get it, i meant, use the old code for that :) It's working so why change it. 
      Your problem is to get old client to receive old style message. Aswar is easy, call 
      old functions :)
  Yes, but right now if you look at MapSpace function, it has definitions for 
what is on the different layers, and is coded for those 3 layers.

  If we go to 10 layers, I don't want to have to have something like:

struct MapSpace {
     object	*old_faces[OLD_MAP_LAYERS]
     object	*faces[MAP_LAYERS]

  As that is just begging to get cleaned up at a later point.  I'd much rather 
just have the new data, and have the send code pull out the appropriate 
information instead of having those double arrays (the new code also in a sense 
simplifies the update_position() function).

  So what probably really happens is that to some degree, the logic in 
update_position that determines the faces gets moved to the client logic.

  At some point in the future, support for this old protocl method goes away.


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